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While you are away-
We will visit your home and look after your pets.  This service can include dog walking, clearing litter trays, replacing food and water, cleaning cages, socialising with the animals and watering plants.  If there is any other task you would like us to complete please ask.  We also stay with the animals for as long as is needed, not just half an hour or an hour like other pet services.  However, we do not stay overnight.
Cage Cleaning Service-
Love your pet but hate cleaning out their cages?  We will visit your home and clean out any cages for you.  We use pet friendly disinfectant.
Dog and Cat Day Care-
We will walk your dog(s) for a minimum of 1 hour (or however long you would like) and/or be a companion to your dog or cat while you are away.
Pet Boarding Service-
We have the facilities to board all your small pets and exotics while you are away in our pet care centre.